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What's new?

Read about all the new things we release and fixes we have made!

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May 2024 Release: Counting link clicksTrack clicks with UTM links for better visibility into your marketing funnel and more!
April 2024 Release: Campaigns in ProfilesThe Relationship sidebar gets campaign data, and Campaigns get Marie Kondoed.
March 2024 Release: Large CampaignsCleaning things up and getting ready for large campaigns!
February 2024: The influencer-only inboxEmails got filters, Campaigns got search, exports got new content and you get all of it!
January 2024 Release: Meet your new emailEmail that connects the dots for you, plus new functionality for Shopify & Transactions
December 2023 Release: Say hi to ShopifyThe Shopify integration has landed, making it possible to track revenue.
Modash API: November 2023 UpdateNew gender filter options & sponsored YouTube Shorts
November 2023 Release: Related profilesRelated profiles, Search for Campaigns, and more
Release Notes 1.25: Revamped navigation and audience breakdown is what's newNew navigation, audience & fake follower breakdown, new cotent filter & more!
Release Notes 1.24: Capture all creativeActivate Event Mode and Modash collects every piece of content from influencers in your campaigns.
Release Notes 1.23: Add custom emails & discover influencers' posting schedulesKeep accurate & updated emails addresses in Modash and get the posting schedule of influencers to make more well-informed decisions.
Release Notes 1.22Now you can discover influencers from a list of your customers! Plus, Advanced Data for Instagram & TikTok join the party.
Release Notes 1.21Editing content in Campaigns is now available in Modash. Plus, new improvements to Lists, Imports & Exports – oh my!
Modash API: August 2023 UpdateHere are the latest updates & improvements to the Modash API. Bonus: how to use Advanced Data to build better reports for your customers.
Release Notes 1.20Say hello to Advanced Influencer Performance Data for YouTube and get a breakdown of metrics for Shorts & Videos.
Release Notes 1.19Estimated Reach & Impressions are now calculated in Campaigns. Plus, 2 new ways to find influencers based on another influencer’s network.
Release Notes 1.18Your new discovery tool, Influential Fans, is up & running. See how to put your recruitment on easy mode.
Modash API: May 2023 UpdateAll the updates & endpoints we've added to the Modash API this month.
Release Notes 1.17Collect YouTube content (Videos & Shorts) with the launch of YouTube monitoring.
Release Notes 1.16Customizable exports are now a thing you can do in Modash.
Release Notes 1.15Instagram Monitoring gets a brand new back-end. Here’s what that means for you.
Release Notes 1.14Lists now support Documents. Upload PDFs and keep all creator info in one place.
Release Notes 1.13Modash now supports YouTube handles. We continue to improve core capabilities while also capturing & taking care of any bugs that creep in.
Release Notes 1.12Bulk Save might not save your entire day, but it will save a few minutes here and there compounding over time.
Release Notes 1.11New design for profiles, better saving & faster exports all made it into this release.
Release Notes 1.10A new overview in profiles helps you make quicker decisions. Under-the-hood improvements give you a faster, more stable Modash. Weee!
Release Notes 1.9List functionality keeps getting better. There's also a new filter in Discovery to learn which brands creators have worked with in the past!
Release Notes 1.8Say hello to filtering functionality in Lists & check out new performance insights that’ll help you make better decisions.
Release Notes 1.7It’s a whole lot of new additions in this release. Profile summaries show more data to help you make decisions smarter & faster. Go crazy!
Release Notes 1.6In this release, we added some highly-requested functionality & improved UI for a better experience with Modash.
Release Notes 1.5In the last few weeks, we’ve been doing lots of behind-the-scenes, under-the-hood improvements and fixes. Here are the details.
Release Notes 1.4Influencer emails now available directly in Modash.
Release Notes 1.3
Release Notes 1.2We’ve got a smaller release this week focused on improving clarity.
Release Notes 1.1Latest updates from the last weeks of August and first week of September 2022.