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Release Notes 1.12
Release Notes 1.12

Bulk Save might not save your entire day, but it will save a few minutes here and there compounding over time.

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Bulk save up to 1000 creators to List at once

Only available for Performance, Advanced & Enterprise plans

Whether you work with 50 creators or 500 plus, you’ll need to start with a list that’s triple that number.

Enter Bulk Save to “save” the day.

Now, officially out of beta, you can save up to 1000 creators at once from the Search Results.

Tiny but mighty improvements

  • We removed all old or unused emails from our database so that creator contact details are more accurate than ever.

  • We improved the overall stability of the platform including profiles and exporting capabilities.

  • Now when Fake Follower data is not available, the Fake Follower Graph does not appear either.

  • We improved direct search for TikTok and YouTube. Now, even if a profile doesn’t appear in the list of suggested profiles you can still search.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed. When using Bulk Save with the Growth Filter selected weird stuff was going on. The bug has been identified and taken care of. (Non-violently, of course)

  • Fixed. A tiny bug exhibiting serious Main Character Energy caused two export files to be downloaded instead of one. The good news is that if this affected you, you weren’t charged those extra downloads. We found the little guy and shooed him away.

  • Fixed. Another little bug caused some trouble for users when you tried Sorting in the Lists overview. He has been dealt with too.

  • Fixed. Fixed an issue where exports stopped exporting in the middle of an export.

  • Fixed. Squashed a bug that caused an influencer to have multiple versions inside Modash.

  • Fixed. A cult of bugs banded together causing problems for team members attempting to join Modash. This works as expected now.

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