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February 2024: The influencer-only inbox
February 2024: The influencer-only inbox

Emails got filters, Campaigns got search, exports got new content and you get all of it!

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With an extra day in February, we leaped forward and shipped new features that will make some of your favorite tools even better.
To the details πŸ‘‡

Inbox - The best email tool for creator conversations

Last month, we launched a brand new messaging tool in Modash. An email integration that lets you have conversations in context, and with context directly from Modash.

Now, we've added new bits and bops to make it even more powerful. And we're not done yet.

  • Socials + email

You can immediately see who wrote to you when you open an email. A panel slides out and shows all handles connected to that email address across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

  • Filters

Want to focus on your creator emails only? Filter your inbox by Linked to an influencer, and Modash will hide all emails that are not from creators.

  • Reply with context

    Did you get a new email from a creator? Now you can open and scroll their profile while you reply.

Campaigns - It's all coming together

If you haven't yet heard, we're building functionality so you can track creators and campaigns across social platforms. In preparation for this, we've been improving the performance and usability of large campaigns (We're talking 1000s of influencers with tens of thousands of content collected).

  • Search

Besides the under-the-hood changes, the era of multi-platform campaigns starts today with the humble Search.

Now, if you want to find a specific creator quickly, you can use the search bar in the Influencers tab.

  • Exports

A few weeks ago, we added a timeline filter to campaigns that lets you see campaign performance based on custom dates.

Now, you can also export the data you've filtered, making it way easier for reporting.

We also added content links and creator handles to the content section of the export.

Bug fixes (aka The Crime Report) πŸͺ²

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the bugs of our lives.

  • Improved. We improved the stability of campaigns.

  • Fixed. A bug got stuck in a time loop, causing problems for people who tried to load lists with 1000+ creators. The bug has been returned to its proper timeline, and big lists should load much quicker now.

  • Fixed. A group of bugs were playing hide and seek. And one little guy thought he would hide in the Influential Fans Lists. As a result, our customers couldn't see all creators in their lists. We ended the game early, and Neil (let's call him Neil) was given a lecture about appropriate hiding spots.

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