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December 2023 Release: Say hi to Shopify
December 2023 Release: Say hi to Shopify

The Shopify integration has landed, making it possible to track revenue.

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Shopify x Modash

The rumors are true. Modash now integrates with Shopify.

This means that you can assign discount codes you've created in Shopify to individual influencers in your campaigns. Modash will automatically calculate the number of discount code redemptions and the associated revenue.

At a glance, you can now see how much revenue every single creator generated during your campaigns.

You can also get the overall revenue generated on a campaign level.

P.S. We'll soon add the ability to create discount codes within Modash.

Date ranges for Campaigns

For most of our customers, reporting on campaign data weekly/monthly/quarterly is important.

In the past, you had to create a campaign over and over again to get the data for a specific time range.

Now, you can simply select the time range and get the right data. Keep your campaign running indefinitely, and you'll still get precise reporting.

Bugs (aka The Crime Report)

  • Fixed. We updated the tooltip for "profiles" on the billing page.

  • Fixed. A bug wasn't allowing users to import profiles using the full URL. The bug was brought to the station, questioned, and ultimately let go with a warning. Users can now import profiles with the full URL.

  • Fixed. A gang of bugs caused some damage to our billing page. They have been caught, and everything works as it should now.

  • Fixed. Another bug went on a joy ride, changing some subscriptions to appear as trial accounts. The bug was arrested after a high-speed car chase, and order was restored.

  • Removed. We have removed audience likers from the TikTok API /reports documentation. This didn't ever exist, so the documentation itself was misleading.

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