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How to integrate with Shopify

Step-by-step instructions to connect Modash with your Shopify store.

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If you're using Shopify as your e-commerce platform for your online store or retail point-of-sale system, you can connect to Modash to track influencer performance and discount code usage and calculate the ROI of your influencer program.

Modash/Shopify Integration is included in all plans.

Here's how to set it up.

  1. From the top navigation, click on your initials to open Your profile & settings.


  2. In the dropdown menu, click Connect Shopify.


  3. From the Integrations page, find Shopify and click Connect.

  4. From here, Modash will redirect to our page on the Shopify App Store. You'll be prompted to log in if you're not logged into Shopify. No account? You'll be prompted to create a Shopify account.

  5. Once you're logged in, click Install.

  6. On the Install page, click Install app.

  7. You'll be redirected to Modash. You're connected!

Once you connect Shopify & Modash, you'll want to assign discount codes to influencers.

Note: You can find your Shopify connection within your Active Campaigns by choosing your preferred campaign.

By navigating to your Influencers tab, you can also see your Discount Code options.

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