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How to use Shopify discount codes in Modash
How to use Shopify discount codes in Modash
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The Shopify integration lets you connect discount codes created in Shopify to influencers in Modash campaigns, allowing you to measure the overall campaign performance and each influencer's performance.

Note: To use your Shopify discount codes, make sure you've connected Modash with Shopify first. Learn how here.

Now, let's see how you can work with Shopify discount codes.

  1. Log in to Modash as per usz.

  2. Go to Campaigns and open your preferred campaign.

  3. Click the Influencers tab.

  4. In the column Discount codes, go to an influencer and click in the Discount code field to open a drop-down menu. Your discount codes from Shopify appear here. Assign a discount code to each influencer.

    When you're done, you're ready to launch your campaign.

  5. Once the campaign is active and influencers have posted their content, return to the Campaign overview. You'll see the campaign's overall results, specifically Discount code usage and conversions.

  6. To see each influencer's performance, return to the Influencers tab, and check Discount code usage and conversions.


What type of Shopify discount code can be created or edited with Modash?

  • Currently, Modash supports the creation and editing of BasicDiscountCode types.

Can you bulk create/edit Shopify discount codes?

  • At the moment, editing and creating discount codes can only be performed one at a time.

Can you edit discount codes created in Shopify within Modash?

  • Yes! As long as the discount code is of the type BasicDiscountCode you can edit it within Modash - even if it is created within Shopify originally.

Note - Combinations and Active Dates are not yet editable within Modash. However, if you would like to adjust these, you can still do so in Shopify! πŸ›οΈ

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