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Release Notes 1.24: Capture all creative
Release Notes 1.24: Capture all creative

Activate Event Mode and Modash collects every piece of content from influencers in your campaigns.

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You told us that one of the most time-heavy parts of managing a campaign is capturing the creative influencers are posting. Without someone on your team on standby, ready to screenshot posts, stories & reels as they come out (or even later), it becomes even more of an admin nightmare.

Our Monitoring tool solves this by capturing any creative that influencers tag, hashtag or mention.

But this didn’t solve everything. You told us about cases where influencers forget or don’t have time to add tags to every single short-form video they publish. And that this commonly happens during influencer events.

So, dun dun dun…we built Event Mode.

When a Modash campaign is in Event Mode, it will capture every single piece of content an influencer posts.

Instead of using hashtags, tags, or mentions as a collection trigger, we use influencer handles.

When should you use Event Mode?

Event Mode is priced differently than Modash’s default Campaign capture mode. During Event Mode, every influencer you track uses up 2 limits, instead of 1. You can free up your limits by finishing a campaign.

As a result, you want to use Event Mode either for Influencer Events or campaigns where most of the creative is in Instagram Stories.

Why should you use Event Mode?

Besides making your life better, influencers & creators will love working with you because they trust that it's easy to work with you.

There’s nothing quite like working with a brand that is super organized & doesn’t issue creators a 10-page document of requirements.

Bug fixes (Aka The Crime Report)

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the bugs of our lives.

  • Fixed. A bug thought it would be funny to open every Label when users landed in Relationships or selected a list. This bug was given a stern lecture about how “there’s a time and a place” for jokes. The bug says he is sorry.

  • Fixed. Another bug wasn’t allowing users to add content manually in cases where the content has previously been removed. So we removed him from the premises.

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