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How to use Event Mode

Learn how to set up a campaign in Event Mode & add content from Event Mode to your campaign.

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Event Mode is a type of campaing that captures every single piece of content an influencer posts, without relying on hashtags, tags, or mentions.

How to set up Event Mode

  1. Go to Monitoring Campaigns > New campaign

  2. Name your campaign (1) and choose a platform (2)

  3. Skip the hashtags, tags, & mention box & select Event Mode (3)

  4. Choose a start date for your campaign (4) & proceed to Choose influencers (5)

  5. Add influencers either by importing a csv. file (6) or choosing from one of your Modash lists (7)

  6. Click Start campaign (8) to save & Modash will start tracking & collecting.
    Once you start a campaign in Event Mode, you are unable to make any changes. Select Back to tracking (9) to make final any changes.

Pricing note: In Event Mode, every influencer is counted twice, instead of once. Your limits will reflect that.

Adding content from Event Mode to your Campaign

A campaign in Event Mode has an additional tab inside the Published Content tab (1)

  1. Click on Event Mode tab (2). Here you’ll see all content influencers posted without tags.

  2. Since not every piece of content will be relevant for your campaign, you can add the posts that are relevant. When you find a post that is part of your campaign, click on the + icon (3). This will move the post from the Event Mode tab to the Campaign tab.

  3. Click on the Campaign tab (4) to see all the posts you added. When content is added to the Campaign tab, we also add its metrics (impressions, likes, etc) to your Campaign analytics data.

  4. Click on the icon (5) to open a menu where you have the option to:

  • Download

  • Open in full view

  • Open in source - This will open the post from the original platform (IG, TT, YT)

  • Delete - When you delete a post from your Campaign, it will return to the Event Mode tab.

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