Lists is an awesome tool that helps you organize your work by saving creators who match your criteria.

Creating a List

You can create a new list by importing a CSV file from your current database

or by saving search results in Discovery.

PS! Create a new list for each new channel. For example, if you'd like to work with influencers both on Instagram and TikTok, create a separate list for both of the channels.


Lists makes it much easier to keep track of where in the process you are with a creator and ensure all information and promises are documented. All the statuses, labels, and notes are visible to all of your team members.

In the Status column, you can choose Not Started, Shortlisted, Outreached, Negotiating, Hired, Product Sent, Content received, Paid, On Hold, Declined, Ghosted or Relationship Ended. Use this to keep track of the relationship status of your (potential) partners.

In Labels, you can freely add any tag to a creator that might be important to you when collaborating with them. For example, it might be important to know their dietary preferences, if they are a student, or any other characteristics.

Notes is an open field where you can write anything else that is important for you or your team members to know about the specific creator. Use your creativity!

Sorting and filtering

You can sort Lists in ascending or descending order or alphabetically. You can also filter for specific values. For example, if you only want to find creators with 4% engagement rate in your list, then you can do that like this πŸ‘‡

Sorting functionality helps you make quick comparisons among influencers and arrange longer lists in an order that makes the most sense.


You can find all the creators you have saved for any of the channels in one place in the All Creators List. The All Creators List will always be the first one in your Lists section. It's a good place to keep track of all the relationships without having to switch between various lists.

Getting contact information

Once you have saved new potential creators to your lists, you can export their profile data, including their contact details or just click on 'unlock email' and save the email to your clipboard.

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