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Our research shows a greater likelihood of long-term partnerships when a creator already engages with your brand. They love you already so why not make them an actual part of your brand? They’ll also respond better to your outreach, and their content will be more authentic and enthusiastic.

Our feature, Influential Fans allows you to find creators that already engage with your brand or a lookalike brand. With this, you can link a specific brand on Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok and find all the notable followers of that brand.

Here's how to get started 👇

Step 1: Click on the relationships tab to find the Influential fans tab and click on find your fans

Step 2: Search for your brand or a similar brand

Step 3: Get results!

We will first provide you with a preview of the first 5 notable profiles. After that, you can click on show profiles to unlock more.

You can sort this list and check your fan's profiles like in other Lists in Modash. If you want to collaborate, save them to one of your main lists and reach out.


There are limits on the number of brand accounts & how many profiles you can unlock. Depending on your plan, you can link 3-9 accounts overall. Limits on creator profiles are refreshed every month. Depending on your plan you get 100 - 10,000 fans per month.

To review your limits, please visit our Plan & Billing page.

Other notes

  • You can’t unlink accounts. If you’d like to unlink an account, please reach out to our support team.

  • Influential Lists are not updated. You’ll see a snapshot of a profile on that particular day.

If you have any questions please reach out to or ping our Support!

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