Exporting influencers

Learn how to get a CSV or Excel file of your influencers including their emails

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Having created a list, you need to open the Relationships view and choose the list you want to export. When clicking the button, you can choose if you wish to receive the file in a CSV or Excel format.

Export files include the following parameters: username, account URL, country, full name, gender, follower count, engagement rate, audience age breakdown, audience gender breakdown, top 3 audience countries, top 5 audience cities, top 8 audience interests, follower credibility, average likes, average views, average comments, average Reels plays, total posts, bio, status, notes, labels, emails and links to social media channels.

When exporting, you can also choose if you wish to export all the creators in the list, creators that match your applied filters, or new profiles you haven't exported yet.

You can always access all your exported lists under export history.

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