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April 2024 Release: Campaigns in Profiles
April 2024 Release: Campaigns in Profiles

The Relationship sidebar gets campaign data, and Campaigns get Marie Kondoed.

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It's already May. Almost halfway through Q2, and we're gearing up for a product summer. What about you?

Speaking of you, here's everything we released in April to make your Q2 using Modash even cooler than Q1.

Relationships & Email

Campaign data has officially landed in the relationship sidebar. Now, when you open a creator's profile from Relationships or your Inbox, you'll see which Campaigns the specific influencer is a part of.

Next on our to-do list is to add your past conversations, the relationship status, labels, notes, and all lists.

How is this going to help you? You'll have every piece of context you need about a creator in a really accessible place. If you're working on a team, you'll also be able to see who has already contacted that creator so you don't jump in accidentally.


If, like me, you like your stuff neat and organized, you will love this newest improvement. You can now delete draft and finished campaigns. So neat. So organized.

But be careful: when you delete a campaign, it's permanent!


Get paid in USD

Now, creators in Canada, the UK, Australia, and Israel have the option to get paid in USD. To get paid in USD, creators can add a new bank account with Modash and select USD as the currency.

Duplicate Transactions

You can pick any transaction and duplicate it. All the data, including the contract, will be duplicated for the new transactions.

This is great if you want to pay the same creator again (or regularly), especially under the same contract.

View and see the payout date

Now, with the addition of the Payout date to the Transaction overview, it's even easier to know what's happening with your payments.

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