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March 2024 Release: Large Campaigns
March 2024 Release: Large Campaigns

Cleaning things up and getting ready for large campaigns!

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Was it just us, or did March feel exceptionally long?

Our teams spent most of the month deep in research and design, setting the table for a very delicious Q2.

In the meantime, engineers:

  • Made things a little faster

  • Fixed some cosmetic flaws

  • Improved our in-app communication overall (most notable for search limits)

  • Caught, charged, tried, and punished several bugs πŸͺ²

The most noticeable change is in Campaign monitoring, where we added speed & power. (You can't have one without the other!)

Campaign Monitoring

2 fast, 2 furious: Support for big campaigns

In February, we boosted the capabilities of Campaigns. And we did it again in March to take it up a gear. You can now comfortably run campaigns with 5000 creators.

You should also notice a difference in the speed of loading campaigns, especially when you're using imports or lists.

Shopify Discount code improvements

Since they require similar mechanics, we also made Shopify more powerful. Now, Modash can handle A LOT of discount codes. This means if your Shopify store has tons of discount codes piled up over the years, Modash won't blink.

Now, you'll never miss any piece of content. And you can track the generated sales for each influencer in your campaign.


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