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January 2024 Release: Meet your new email
January 2024 Release: Meet your new email

Email that connects the dots for you, plus new functionality for Shopify & Transactions

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Modash Emails - where conversations happen in context, with context

Most relationships start with an email. But it's dizzying reaching out to creators, answering questions, and following up while also keeping track of who everyone is and which stage they’re in.

Doing it from an inbox disconnected from the rest of your flow is maddening.

For the last 3 months, we've spent over 1300+ hours thinking through & developing a new kind of email experience purpose-built for influencer marketers.

We've built creator profiles and your relationship data around the conversation, making it super easy to email when you need to do with the info & data you need.

  • Start conversations in context.

    Email creators directly from your lists - no need to change tabs or tools.

  • Conversations with context.

    Quickly open creator profiles from an email. Now, you know exactly who they are & have all the info you need to super-personalize your outreach by adding something unique.

  • Be you

    Your emails go out from your real brand dot com address.

We've also introduced an immersive Inbox experience. Modash automatically detects creators in your inbox once you connect to Gmail.

You can identify them by the profile pic in front of the subject line.

Modash Campaigns x Shopify

We've added new functionality to our Shopify integration. Now, when you need individual discount codes for creators, you can create them right within your Campaigns.

Codes can be created for entire orders or specific products or collections. Set up the discount value as a percentage or a fixed amount, and add your terms for discount code usage.

Modash automatically creates the code inside Shopify without you needing to go to Shopify. Now, your creators can immediately start using their code.

You can also edit the discount codes inside Modash or edit them in Shopify. All data is synced between the two tools.


It's never been simpler to keep track of your creator marketing budget.

Custom Labels

Now, you can categorize each transaction using custom labels. This lets you check your monthly spend by exporting your transaction data by selecting a relevant period.

Repeat payments

We've made it much easier to pay the same talent again.

Type in their handle, and Modash remembers their email address and their preferred payment currency.

Bug Report

  • Fixed a bug that showed the same YouTube content multiple times

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