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Modash API: November 2023 Update
Modash API: November 2023 Update

New gender filter options & sponsored YouTube Shorts

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Discovery API

Gender Filter Options for /search

We're seeing a rise in faceless accounts across social platforms. Some brands may want to partner with these, while others prefer "real humans".

Now you can search for all of these instances with new filter options for influencers' gender.

  • Known - Using KNOWN will surface all creators where Modash can detect a gender.

  • Unknown - UNKNOWN will surface all accounts that aren't fronted by a human person. For example, this can be other brands, cities, clubs, restaurants, faceless creators, etc.


✅ Applies for Influencer Gender for Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.
❌ Doesn't work for the Audience gender.


Detect sponsored YouTube Shorts

Now, when a Shorts video on YouTube is sponsored, YouTube adds a tag "Includes paid promotion".

With our RAW API, Sponsored Shorts are now super easy to detect.

When requesting /short-info via YouTube RAW API, you'll get a new field in the response.

This field is:

  • True when the Short includes a paid promotion

  • False when it doesn't.

Small and mighty improvements

  • We fixed multiple bugs in the RAW API.

  • We clarified how to apply sorting for /search influencers in the API docs by replacing "id" with "value" for audienceGeo and audienceInterest sorting.

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