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November 2023 Release: Related profiles
November 2023 Release: Related profiles

Related profiles, Search for Campaigns, and more

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Some big things are coming to Modash soon. In the meantime, here's what we shipped for you this month.

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Related Profiles

Have you wished to see a creator's follower count or engagement rates across social media platforms? Then, you're in for a good time.

Now, in one click, Modash surfaces all the Related profiles of a creator👇

If Modash can't find or misses a profile, you can add as many as you want.

P.S. Related profiles are going to be super handy with other Modash features that are coming out soon 🤫

Watch this space or your inbox.

Campaign Search

Our most active users run so many campaigns that keeping track of each gets hard. When you work in teams, it gets even harder.

Campaign Search solves this.

Now, just search by your campaign name, and the results are highlighted.

You can search everywhere: in active campaigns, drafts, and those that have ended.

Bug fixes (aka The Crime Report)🪲

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the bugs of our lives.

  • Fixed. When a payment failed for whatever reason, the billing page showed a cryptic message. This was not a riddle for you to solve but a bug with a big imagination.

  • Added. Now, when a payment fails, you will see a message that can be understood by the human brain.

  • Fixed. Still, on the billing page, when you downgraded your plan, the system claimed you were on a "Free trial" which wasn't true at all. This bug was given a first warning.

  • Fixed. We found a bug in the username filter in Discovery and promptly swatted him away.

  • Fixed. Another bug made it impossible to pause an account by disabling the button. The button is back. The bug is not.

  • Fixed. What can I say about the bug that was blocking people from joining teams? Hurt bugs hurt people. Bug is in therapy, and you can join teams again!

  • Fixed. In some rare cases, lists weren't visible. Now they are!

  • Fixed. Another bug was blocking us from calculating the Unique audience score. We, of course, blocked him.

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