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Release Notes 1.25: Revamped navigation and audience breakdown is what's new
Release Notes 1.25: Revamped navigation and audience breakdown is what's new

New navigation, audience & fake follower breakdown, new cotent filter & more!

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In this release, you're getting it a little bit of everything. A new navigation will make you faster & happier too. Bye bye clutter! We'd added filters, breakdowns, feedbacks and tiny adidtions that will have a mighty impact while using Modash.


New navigation, more Modash

You'll notice a change in your navigation menu. Don't panic. Everything is there, we've just moved things around.

  1. In the left-panel, you'll find:
    All of our tools are on the left-hand panel, including Discovery, Relationships, Campaigns (aka Monitoring).

  2. Bottom-left, you'll find: The Help chat to open when you need help from our support team.

  3. In the top-right menu you'll find: Your Account information & Settings sub-menu, a Learning sub-menu & a one-click way to add new team members.

Why did we revamp this? Four reasons.

  1. There were too many items on the left-side navigation = clutter. You can't find the things you need if you have to climb over things you don't.

  2. Easier access to our educational content (i.e. this Help Center, our blog, podcast Academy). This content is made to help you use Modash & improve your influencer marketing workflows & program.

  3. Inviting your team required too many steps. It should be as easy as humanly possible.

  4. Our Help chat was often covering data & other insights from you. It had to be moved.


Instant search result feedback

Modash Discovery is powerful, but filtering can be tricky until you get the hang of it.

Now, when you begin adding filters, you'll notice a new UI element. Think of it as us giving you feedback on your search.

As you add filters keep an eye on it. It will instantly reflect the number of influencers you've discovered and tell you whether your search is broad, "balanced" or niche.

This will help you avoid using so many filters

Instagram Fake followers, explained

How many potential customers are in any given influencer's audience?

Now, with our new Audience Type breakdown, you'll have a better understanding.

Find this breakdown for Instagram profiles:

You can use "Real people" as a proxy to determine the relevant reach of your future talent.

Influencers (those with more than 1K followers) may not buy your product, but they could discover you as a brand & be interested in partnering.

The share of the audience who will for sure not purchase from you are: Mass followers, Suspicious mass followers, and Bots & fakes. These accounts will likely not see your content and/or are bots.

Campaigns (previously Monitoring)

Filter campaign content by content type

We've just made it a lot easier to find specific content in your campaigns with a new filter.

With the Content type filter (1), you can quickly find the type of content you're looking for:

Instagram: Filter between Reels, Posts, Stories
YouTube: Filter between Shorts and Videos

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where it looked like some users were still on a trial

  • Fixed a bug where labels were opened by default when opening a list

  • Removed Average View Data points from profile view

  • Fixed a bug that was showing the wrong content count in monitoring

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