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Release Notes 1.22
Release Notes 1.22

Now you can discover influencers from a list of your customers! Plus, Advanced Data for Instagram & TikTok join the party.

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Some product updates whisper because the improvements made aren’t yet tangible. We’re building the infrastructure needed for the big stuff.

Other product updates shout. This is one of the shouty ones.

Click on the area you’re interested in, or keep reading to get all the details.


Make better decisions with Advanced Data for Instagram & TikTok

To quickly gauge the general performance of an influencer, you’re already familiar with our data like Engagement rate, Average likes, views & comments.

Advanced Data is now available across Instagram, TikTok & YouTube take it a step further & help you understand what’s happening behind a profile.


  • See where the engagement rate is coming from: Posts or Reels? Once you know what type of content type performs best, you have a data-backed decision to ask for a specific content type.

  • See the average & median likes, comments & views for the last 30 posts.


  • Here, the engagement rate is calculated for the last 30 posts so you have a fresh understanding of the performance

  • See average & median likes, comments & views for the last 30 posts.

Note: Advanced Data is always free, you only need to unlock it to prompt Modash to collect the specific data.


Finding influencers from a list of customer emails

A few weeks ago we introduced Influential Fans. You connect your brand’s social media account & Modash gives you a list of your followers who have more than 1000 followers. (That’s our definition of an influencer.)

From today, you can find influencers among your customers.

  • Upload a list of up to 1000 emails. For larger lists, split & upload them one by one.

  • Modash will check if there’s a social media profile linked to each email & you’ll get a list of Influential Customers!

The limits are the same as the limits of Username/Profile URL imports. One search page = 15 emails.

Note: Only correctly formatted emails can be considered. They should include an @ sign and a domain as an ending i.e. →

Bug fixes (Aka The Crime Report)

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the bugs of our lives.

Fixed. A bugaboo attached itself to the Likes number of YouTube content leading to a few users being unable to see the number. Boo has now been removed & the Likes number is visible to all.

Fixed. A young bug was causing a few unintended consequences when users tried adding influencers directly from a list. He was arrested and the judge, having a great hair day, gave our bug community service. Lucky bugger.

Fixed. A bug named Bonnie (You’ll see why) was caught with her hand in our Audience Data. After a winding car chase in the mountains, Audience Data is back where it should be.

Fixed. While Bonnie attempted robbery, her bug-in-crime Clyde took our Engagement Rate. Clyde was also arrested & Engagement rate is back in its place, too.

Fixed: Couldn’t upload PDFs? That bug was removed (humanely) from the premises.

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