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Release Notes 1.21
Release Notes 1.21

Editing content in Campaigns is now available in Modash. Plus, new improvements to Lists, Imports & Exports – oh my!

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In this latest release, we focused on features designed to simplify your workflows & give you more flexibility!


To keep your flow as simple as possible, we've improved the way you add influencers.

Add influencers from a List

Previously, you had to go to Discovery, search for an influencer there & Add them to the List.

We’ve removed the middle step.

Now, when you want to add an influencer to a List, whether you find them while scrolling Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube natively, or a creator reached out to you, take the following steps.

  1. In Relationships, go to the List you want the new influencer to be added to.

  2. Click Add Influencer

  3. Enter Username & click Add to List

Importing pricing change

We’ve changed the pricing of imports. You shouldn't need to credit-pinch when you want to move all inbound requests into Modash.

Instead of using up one entire profile credit to import an influencer, we've changed it to a search page. That means you can now import 15 influencers for a single search page, it’s basically free! #girlmath

Campaign Monitoring

Add & Remove Posts From Campaigns

There are many reasons you may need to edit posts in Campaign Monitoring. If you’re using the same hashtag across multiple campaigns (for example, your brand name) inevitably leads to content added to campaigns it didn't belong to.

Now you can remove posts & keep each campaign report neat & accurate.

How to remove or delete a post from a campaign

  1. Open a campaign. Go to the Published Content tab.

  2. Find the post you want to delete. Click the three dots.

  3. Choose Delete from campaign.

Another reason you may need to edit a post is when a creator has made a typo or forgot to use a hashtag, and Modash isn't able to collect it.

What we're not doing is emailing creators and adding more admin to our job.

Instead, now you can add missing posts by copy-pasting the link from the social media platform.

How to add posts to a campaign

  1. Open a campaign. Go to the Published Content tab.

  2. Click Import Content.

  3. In the pop-up, paste the content's link & click Import Content.

Exporting data

Getting data out of Modash for reporting purposes just got much easier!

Now, you can export data for campaigns across any of our platforms (Instagram, TikTok, & YouTube).

Plus, the CSV files include all available data that you see in Modash & even more. We’ve also added the campaign name & all of the creator’s handles that are available.

Bug fixes (Aka The Crime Report)

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the bugs of our lives.

  • Fixed. Some users may have noticed that you weren’t able to see some audience data. Not pointing fingers but this was due to a bug who shall not be named. He was taken care of & you should see an improvement in the availability of audience data now.

  • Fixed. Hey big importers! If you tried importing over 1000+ creators in bulk, the flow may have snapped. It wasn’t you, it was Thelonius. We parented him gently & he assured us he wouldn’t be playing in Imports anymore.

  • Fixed. A bug which we’re calling Negative Nancy got into Instagram Campaigns. This meant that when likes were hidden by a creator, Nancy was showing a -1. We said, “Nance, babe, get outta here!” This is working as intended now.

  • Improved. Content collection for TikTok Campaigns was improved & is more reliable than ever.

  • Improved. We also improved the reliability of Instagram Campaign analytics.

  • Switcheroo. We have now entirely replaced “Views” with “Plays” in Instagram Campaigns to reflect the changes made by Instagram.

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