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Release Notes 1.20
Release Notes 1.20

Say hello to Advanced Influencer Performance Data for YouTube and get a breakdown of metrics for Shorts & Videos.

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Scrolling through an influencer's account doesn’t tell you the full story. You need hard data to make better judgment calls.

In this release, we introduced Advanced Data for YouTube so you get a fuller story. We also added another way to sort through Search Results to better discover your future creator partners.

Advanced Influencer Performance Data: Shorts vs Videos

YouTube Advanced Influencer Performance data breaks down Shorts & Videos & goes more granular than ever, helping you:

  • Easily understand which type is driving views & engagement.

  • Get a clearer picture of potential views & engagement for your sponsored posts.

  • Get a minimum, maximum & average number of views, likes & comments per content type.

Now you'll know what's driving all those views on YouTube & your expectations of actual performance will be closer to reality.

Learn more about Advanced Data here.

Sort by Engagement Rate

Previously, you could only sort Search Results by Follower Count or number of Engagements. In this release, we’ve added Engagement Rate, too.

When you sort by Engagement Rate & Follower Count, you’ll most likely find top-performing creators at the top of your list.

Bug fixes (Aka The Crime Report)

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the bugs of our lives.

  • Fixed. James, a tiny bug just starting their career in Bugiatry, attached themselves to Influential Fans causing a slight ruckus. They were no match for our developers who quickly threw them out.

  • Fixed. Another bug (didn't catch his name) landed up in Exports. After a dramatic car chase, he was taken into custody.

  • Fixed. We found the bug that was creating issues when users were trying to delete a list. In a poetic twist of fate, she was deleted.

  • Fixed. Some users were unable to add influencers to Campaigns. The bug was identified in a lineup & sent to Bug Prison.

  • Fixed. A different bug was causing issues when users tried to remove influencers from a campaign. This works as expected now.

  • Fixed. For a short time, content in Campaigns was not visible to users. A young bug with an Invisibility Cloak was to blame. The cloak was removed & users can now see all content.

  • Fixed. Another Bug with an Invisibility Cloak landed up in YouTube Campaigns where data was not visible for users. This is working as expected now.

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