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Release Notes 1.18
Release Notes 1.18

Your new discovery tool, Influential Fans, is up & running. See how to put your recruitment on easy mode.

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In this release, we’ve launched a new feature to make influencer recruitment much easier for you. There’s also a much-requested addition to campaign tracking.

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Discovery/Relationship Management

Influential Fans

The most authentic and engaging content is produced by creators that love your brand. But how do you find those people? And find lots of ‘em?

Enter Influential Fans. Your new discovery tool makes recruiting influencers at scale even easier.

All you do is enter your brand's social account on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube.

Modash checks all your followers, likers, and commenters & gives you a list of all your fans.

You can sort this list and check your fan's profiles like in other Lists in Modash. If you want to collaborate, add them to one of your main lists and reach out.


  • You can’t unlink accounts. If you’d like to unlink an account, please reach out to our support team.

  • Influential Lists are not updated. You’ll see a snapshot of a profile on that particular day.

  • There are limits on the number of brand accounts & how many profiles you can unlock. Depending on your plan, you can link 3-9 accounts overall. Limits on creator profiles are refreshed every month. Depending on your plan you get
    100 -10,000 fans per month.


Keyword tracking

You can now use Keywords to track Instagram & TikTok campaigns.

Keywords are single words that creators use in the caption of a post. Now, you and your influencer partners can agree to use specific keywords in their captions. Modash will easily recognize and collect that content for you.


Our newest tool is now in Beta. Transactions take the process of invoicing, communication about invoicing & making payments off your desk. If you’d like to join the Beta, reach out to support. We’ll be happy to have you!

Tiny but mighty improvements

  • Now when a profile can’t be added to a campaign, you’ll get a notification & no longer feel lost. Profiles usually can’t be added to campaigns because they’ve either been set to private, they’ve been deleted, or there’s a typo in the username.

  • The loading speed for campaigns with lots of content is now faster.

Bug fixes

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the bugs of our lives.

  • Fixed. When new team members join, they no longer have to verify their email.

  • Fixed. A bug was not letting new team members join the team account. Very irritating. He was swatted away & everything works as it should now.

  • Fixed. An entirely different bug (who is part of a notorious gang) was showing inaccurate limits for team members. They were also shown the door.

  • Fixed. A bug, let’s call her Linda, was automatically removing creators from campaigns when a creator set their account to private or deleted their account. Linda has been spoken to & promises she will no longer do this.

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