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Modash API: May 2023 Update
Modash API: May 2023 Update

All the updates & endpoints we've added to the Modash API this month.

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Performance Data

These are new data points giving you the power to analyze different platform formats. On top of that, you get advanced analytics for different time periods.

For a breakdown of each platform’s new data points, check our updated API documentation.

Answering the big questions

With Performance Data, you’ll finally be able to answer questions like:

  • Is this YouTube channel successful because of a long-form podcast or are the 60-second Shorts driving traffic? Or is it both?

  • Which content format has more engagement: Reels or Stories? Reels or TikToks?

  • What is the meaning of life? (jk, performance data can’t tell you that.)

There’s a fixed cost of 0.25 credits per each successful request that retrieves data for an influencer. Any requests that suggest you come back later are free!

Filtering improvements in Discovery

Audience filters

You can now adjust audience filters by percentages/weights across all social media channels just as you can on the Modash platform.

  • Instagram: Age, Gender, Language, Location, Interests

  • TikTok: Age, Gender, Language, Location

  • YouTube: Age, Gender, Language, Location

This capability gives you or your customers more control over the type of creators you find based on their audiences.

For example, you can now look for creators whose audience’s location is more than 65% in Germany. Or you can look for creators whose audience is 20% men. Or 45% women.

It’s entirely up to you!

Mind the filters

With great filtering power, comes great responsibility.

Setting high percentages (over 75%) or incredibly narrow parameters will bring fewer results.

When Modash can’t make an exact match, it automatically removes a few filters & shows lookalike profiles.

We recommend setting technical limitations or educating your end-users on the best use of filters.

There are only 2 rules.

Rule 1: Start with your most important selection criteria & run a broad search first. Or use a wider percentage.

Rule 2: Layer each additional filter or weight one by one until you’re getting great results.

Influencer filters

We’ve added two new filters to help you or your customers find influencers by:

  • Age: Speaks for itself.

  • Partnerships: This filter lets you find influencers who have previously partnered with brands you select.

New metric in YouTube Profiles

For a more complete understanding of the performance of influencers, you’ll now see the count of Average Comments for YouTube creator profiles in the report endpoint.

Download TikTok videos

The TikTok RAW Media Download Endpoint lets you download videos from TikTok! And...they come without the watermark.

Content Type for Instagram Report

Instagram Reports now include the content type. The new field "type" is part of "popularPosts", "recentPosts" and "sponsoredPosts"

We differentiate between "videos" and "photos".

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