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Release Notes 1.14
Release Notes 1.14

Lists now support Documents. Upload PDFs and keep all creator info in one place.

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Documents Enter Lists

Now you can upload and save documents inside any of your Lists (including the All Creators List), so everything you need about a creator is in one easy-to-find place.

Upload briefs, contracts, invoices, or anything else you have floating around on your desktop, Google folders, or in your email. Save it as a PDF and upload it to Modash.

Tiny but mighty improvements

  • We improved the stability of Audience Overlap. When you want to learn the Unique Audience of a list of influencers, click on Check unique audience, and Modash will beep-boop and reveal the answer.

  • We made some behind-the-scenes changes to Discovery that you are invisible. But you should notice a faster, smoother experience.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed. A bug was preventing users from downloading invoices after successful payments were made. It now works as expected.

  • Fixed. A bug was causing some drama when users were inviting team members through Google Login. The bug was put into time out and he promises not to do it again.

  • Fixed. You can now search for user handles directly. The bug that was preventing that has been removed.

  • Fixed. If your exports failed recently, blame this bug. We swept them away & export was expected now.

  • Fixed. A tiny bug on the Billing page was making it impossible to save VAT numbers. They’ve been dealt with.

  • Fixed. Fixed a bug who was removing the images of creators in the first search result. We gave the bug some milk & put them to bed.

  • Fixed. Fixed a bug in location count for YouTube & TikTok API.

  • Fixed. We dusted & cleaned some bugs that were causing minor errors including styling issues. Not cool, bugs, not cool.

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