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Release Notes 1.15
Release Notes 1.15

Instagram Monitoring gets a brand new back-end. Here’s what that means for you.

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Instagram Monitoring

The Monitoring Roadmap for 2023 is a go. We repeat Monitoring is a go. In this release, we gave Instagram Monitoring a brand new foundation. From here on out, expect to see great new features coming to Monitoring.

Some improvements you’ll notice immediately:

  • Once you start a campaign, monitored content will appear in minutes, not hours.

  • No more missing content from your campaigns. With a new backend comes better reliability.

  • Found & fixed a number of bugs that kept creeping in.

Tiny but mighty improvements

  • You can now see Influencer Gender in Exported Lists (CSV & Excel).

  • Improved the way Modash displays limits when you’re running out of searches/profiles. Now,

    • You’ll see a notification when a limit is reached.

    • The plan color will change when a limit is reached.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed. A bug with Mean-Girl Energy was causing drama for users when they tried to invite team members to Modash. This has been dealt with.

  • Fixed. When searching in different languages, Modash was not behaving as expected. This bug was canceled.

  • Fixed. A teeny tiny little dude creating issues around creators who couldn’t be found in Modash was humanely removed from the premises.

  • Fixed. Fixed a bug that wasn’t allowing team members to export lists.

  • Fixed. Fixed a bug in confirmation links.

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