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Release Notes 1.11
Release Notes 1.11

New design for profiles, better saving & faster exports all made it into this release.

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Creator profiles get a new look

Say hello to the new profile overview. Here to help you quickly see key info about a creator.

✉️ Quickly confirm there’s an available email.

📌 See creator’s location.

🎭 Check follower count, engagement rate & get some audience details.

🙈 Quickly Hide profiles that aren’t a fit.

Faster, more organized saving

Now when you save an influencer, the first lists to appear will be your own & sorted by the latest usage.

Export without slowing down

Exporting a file with more than 400 creators takes a smidge more time than lists with fewer creators. And staring at the screen, willing it to go faster isn’t the most effective strategy.

So, now you can begin an export and leave the page. Open a new tab, scroll Twitter, check Slack – whatever.

When your file is ready for you to download, we’ll send you an email! If you’ve left that browser open, it will start downloading automatically.

Who saved the creator in Lists?

To improve collaboration, you'll see two new columns in Lists titled Added by and Added to list. This shows who on your team added the specific creator and when the creator was added to the List.

Tiny but mighty improvements

  • We improved the overall stability of profiles.

  • Made a slight improvement to the speed of data updates.

  • We improved the loading speed of Lists and Export.

  • Export capability now supports an even larger number of exports.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed. A sneaky bug wasn’t letting Credit Based Accounts see Profiles. This has been fixed.

  • Fixed. Fixed an issue where lists were not loading or exporting properly for some creators.

  • Fixed. In some cases, when audience data was missing from a profile, Modash would bug out and show an entirely empty profile. The bug was dealt with and this works as it should now.

  • Fixed. A bug was impacting “Saving” when you switched platforms and with show false results. This has been fixed.

  • Fixed. Fixed an issue with label buttons in Lists.

  • Fixed. Fixed a bug with Exports, not including all creators.

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