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Release Notes 1.10
Release Notes 1.10

A new overview in profiles helps you make quicker decisions. Under-the-hood improvements give you a faster, more stable Modash. Weee!

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New overview in Profiles

To make decisions faster, we’ve added a new overview section to Creator Profiles. The new section shows a summary of essential audience data, at a glance.

So, you can quickly see the number of followers, engagement rate & fake follower rate. Then, you get a breakdown of most of the audience’s location, gender, and age.

List improvements

  • Preview of existing labels in Lists
    Clicking on the label field will now automatically show all your previously used labels. This makes it much faster to find and add labels to your creators. You’ll also remember labels you created in the past, so no more double labeling!

  • Better support for large Lists
    You won’t be able to see this improvement, but you’ll feel it. We fixed some under-the-hood stuff which means you can now keep adding more creators without worry. We also improved the Export functionality, meaning those massive creator lists are better supported now.

Monitoring improvements

Speaking of invisible but mighty improvements, we reworked major parts of Instagram Monitoring. As a result, it is now more reliable and faster than ever.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed. Squashed a bug that caused weird scrolling on the sign-up page.

  • Fixed. Fixed an issue where YouTube Search froze the entire platform.

  • Fixed. A bug was impacting the navigation of the platform in some places. It was found and dealt with.

  • Fixed. Fixed a visual glitch. When saving too many creators it looked like it saved but then unsaved and saved again within a few milliseconds. That has been un-glitched!

  • Fixed. An error occurred when the Monitoring page was reloaded. This works as it should now.

  • Fixed. Now when you save a creator in the Sample List the onboarding video is removed.

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