Release Notes 1.9

List functionality keeps getting better. There's also a new filter in Discovery to learn which brands creators have worked with in the past!

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New filter in Discovery

We’ve added a new Partnerships filter to help you find (or exclude) creators who have worked with specific brands. Available for Instagram only.

  • Find creators to work with: Select a brand or brands that your ideal creators may have already worked with. Your search results will show those creators. Save & add your favorites to a list!

  • Find creators to exclude: Select a brand or brands who are your competition. Your search results show a list of creators who worked with your competitors in the past. Hide them from appearing in your search ever again!

List improvements

  • Search by username
    The new Sort & Filter function in the Influencer column helps you find specific influencers in an instant. Just type in the name and Modash will surface the user. If you can't remember the username exactly, Modash will suggest creators with similar names.

  • Export more data
    Now when you export a .CSV/Excel file, you'll see new columns with info like Average likes, Average views, Average comments, Average Reel plays, Total posts, and Bios.

  • See who created a List
    To improve collaboration, you'll see a new column titled Created by. This shows who on your team created the specific list.

  • Detect duplicate creators
    Now you can see how many lists a creator is already on, helping you & your team from contacting the same person over again.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed. Searching YouTube by username is now fixed and works with @handles, as well as new URLs. This fix applies to both the Modash platform and the API.

  • Fixed. We’ve improved the overall stability of creator profiles. Now, you’ll see more available data and fewer error messages.

  • Fixed. Fixed a bug that was messing with Bulk Save in Lookalikes & direct search. Bulk save now works as it should, and we improved its stability.

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