Release Notes 1.5

In the last few weeks, we’ve been doing lots of behind-the-scenes, under-the-hood improvements and fixes. Here are the details.

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  • Improved the platform's overall speed, especially in navigation and page-loading of main pages.

  • Improved data accuracy for Instagram Summaries and Full Reports, especially for Follower Count.

  • Users/team owners can now see the exact renewal time of their subscription plan.

Plan & Billing → Plan → My plan → Your plan will automatically renew at [22:08 (GMT+02:00) on 04 Dec 2022].

Bug fixes

Fixed. A GDPR prompt would appear to team members every time they clicked “Unlock Email”. Team members could click “Unlock Email” but until the Team Owner set a team-wide setting for GDPR, the pop-up would keep popping up. This has been fixed.

Fixed. TikTok Summary data was crashing in cases where the dataset wasn’t complete. It’s stopped doing that now.

Fixed. Squashed a bug that was blocking download functionality in List exports.

Fixed. Made various small fixes to the “Hide results” feature.

Fixed. Fixed the functionality of adding YouTube Creators via 🔎 to direct search from Profile summaries.

Fixed. When we updated production to add more tracking events, a bug broke the exporting feature. No more!

Fixed. We zapped a bug that wasn’t letting API customers access their API key. This is now working as it should.

Fixed. Users couldn’t navigate to and from a list from the All Creators list due to a bug. This has been fixed.

Fixed. This bug was causing Creator lists to not load at all. (Rude!) This has been fixed.

Fixed. Users were seeing a white screen (instead of the loading state) when opening Creator Lists. RIP bug.

Fixed. Hidden lists were breaking after a user refreshed a page. This bug was dealt with, too.

Fixed. We fixed a bug that displayed the wrong number of hidden profiles in the Hidden lists tab. Now, you’ll see the correct number!

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