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Release Notes 1.1

Latest updates from the last weeks of August and first week of September 2022.

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New Features

All Creators list

Lists are where you save and manage the influencers you find in Discovery. To make it easier for you to see and keep track of all your creator partnerships, we’ve added the All Creators list.

This is a master list of all your creators across channels.

What can you do with the All Creators list (the MVP version)?

  • See all your influencers in one place, no matter the channel

  • Change statuses, add labels, and leave notes

  • See the lists your creators are part of

  • Open a Profile Summary for each influencer

After listening to your feedback, we also changed the default way lists are sorted. Now, all lists are sorted by Last Added, showing the most recently added influencers on top.

In cases of massive lists, you no longer need to scroll for half a day to see your latest changes. With just one click, you’ll now see influencers who were most recently added.

New Additions

Added over 10 Million Creators to TikTok Discovery

As TikTok keeps growing in popularity, we keep adding more and more creators to Modash Discovery. By adding another 10 million creators, our TikTok database now holds 100 million creators waiting to be discovered!

Keep checking Discovery, as all of these new and still hidden talents will be hungry for partnerships. Make sure you’re the first to find them!

We added 63 new cities in 16 different countries

We keep adding new cities to Discovery. If a city is missing, ping us at, and we’ll make sure to add it.

More currencies in Monitoring

You can now change the influencer cost data to your preferred currency, including RON, BTC, VDN and lots more!


New filters in TikTok & Instagram Discovery

  • Keywords filter for TikTok:

The Keywords filter scans through the words or phrases that TikTok creators use in the captions of their videos. Use it to find or narrow down your search to creators posting about topics related to your product or service.

  • Reels Average Play filter for Instagram

This filter helps you find influencers who are killing it with Instagram Reels.

UX improvements

  • To help you understand some results, we’ve added a message to the Profile Summary. Specifically, when you get a result that includes Avg. likes = 0, it means the creator has most likely hidden their likes from the public. For this reason, we can’t calculate engagement rate (ER).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed. Content from some Instagram campaigns was not being collected. Now, it’s back in business!

  • Fixed. Tiktok Monitoring campaigns were displaying the number of videos a creator had on their profile overall. Now, you’ll see the number of videos they’ve actually posted in the campaign.

  • Fixed. Age split data was not appearing in full reports. Happy to report it’s working as intended.

  • Fixed. When there were no active campaigns, the Sample campaign was not loading. Now, it is.

  • Fixed. Couldn’t bulk save after saving more than 400 influencers to a list? We zapped that bug.

  • Fixed. There was a bug that wasn’t allowing team members to use the bulk save feature. Now, everyone who is part of a team (account owner & team members) can bulk save profiles to a list.

  • Fixed. You mean you didn’t want to be launched into the edit page of another campaign after deleting a draft campaign? Yikes. Deleting campaigns now works as expected.

  • Fixed. Call back the search party! We found the reason some audience data was missing in Lists. Now, they’re all where they belong.

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