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Manage your Campaigns

Learn how to edit, finish and delete campaigns!

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Edit your Campaign

Forgot to add a creator or two to your campaign, or maybe a hashtag is spelled incorrectly? Not to worry! In your campaign editor you can edit this with ease!

Adding Creators

To add a creator to an active campaign simply select the campaign and click Add/Edit Campaign Influencers.

Once in the editor, add your creators handles and click Save Changes.

Change hashtags, keywords or mentions

To change a hashtag, keyword or mention, click into your campaign and then click Edit Campaign. Once in the editor, you can change, add or remove these with ease. After making your changes, click Save and Continue.

You will then be prompted to make any changes you'd like to the creators in the campaign. If everything looks good, click Save Changes.

Finish your Campaign

You've done it! You've run your campaign and gathered all of the data you need. Now it's time to clear some space for your next project!

Choosing to finish your campaign will move the campaign to your Finished Campaigns tab and reopen the monitoring slots for more creator monitoring.

  • If you finish a campaign with 10 creators, you will be able to start a new campaign with 10 new creators.

    Note - With Event Mode Campaigns each creator is counted as 2, so 10 creators in an Event Mode Campaign count as 20.

To finish your campaign, simply click into your campaign and click the Finish Campaign button on the top right.

Delete your Campaign

If you'd like to completely remove your campaign from your dashboard, you can delete it. Only Finished or Drafted Campaigns can be deleted, no active campaigns.

To delete your campaign, navigate to your Finished or Drafts tab and click the trashcan icon beside the campaign.

As this is a permanent action, you will also receive a prompt to confirm your deletion. Click the Delete button and it will be completely removed. ✨

If you face any issues, or have any questions about campaign monitoring, please send them over to We'll be happy to help!

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