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How to integrate with Gmail

Step-by-step instructions to connect Modash with your Gmail Inbox.

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Picture this - you've been searching and searching for the perfect creator. You've selected your platform, added all of your filters, and finally found the perfect voice!

Your next step is to reach out. It's time to move over to Gmail and send your first outreach email. Right? Wrong!

With our brilliant Gmail integration, you can handle this (and more!) right here in your Modash platform!

Modash/Gmail Integration is included in all plans.

Follow these steps to experience the Modash Magic ✨ -

1. In your Modash platform, click on your initials at the top right of your screen to open your Profile & Settings.

2. From the dropdown, choose Connect Gmail.

3. From the Integrations page, under Gmail, click Connect.

4. Once you click Connect, you will be prompted to choose which Gmail account to connect. Please sign into your Gmail account and click Continue.

5. The permissions which Modash requires will be displayed here. Once you are ready to proceed, click Allow.

6. Navigate to the Inbox tab to view your Gmail Inbox.

7. When you open your Inbox tab for the first time, you will be prompted to Sync Modash with your Gmail account. Click, Yes, start syncing.

Et voilà!

Your Gmail account is integrated and you are ready to your favourite creators! ✨

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