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With our Advanced Data, you can get more tangible insights into creators and their content. YouTube Advanced Data breaks down Shorts & Videos and goes more granular than ever, helping you:

  • Easily understand which type is driving views & engagement.

  • Get a clearer picture of potential views & engagement for your sponsored posts.

  • Get a minimum, maximum & average number of views, likes & comments per content type.

Advanced data is in beta and only available for YouTube profiles at this time.

To get started find a Youtube profile and select the 'advanced' tab then 'unlock advanced metrics'

Note: there is no additional cost to use advanced data.

All statistics are taken over the past 30 days including:

  1. Engagement rate

  2. Average likes

  3. Average comments

  4. Average views

Now you'll know what's driving all those views on YouTube & your expectations of actual performance will be closer to reality.

If you have any questions please feel free to ping our Support or contact!

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