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Pay your creators!
Pay your creators!

Learn how to pay your creators directly through Modash

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When it comes to compensating creators with whom you've established a great relationship, Modash's transactions tool offers a safe, quick, and efficient solution for making payments. In this guide we will show you have to make & track your first payment.


A quick video:

Payments is a feature currently in beta. If you are interested in more information please fill out the form here.

1. Your first transaction

Get started by navigating to the 'Transactions' tab to the left of your screen after logging into Modash.

Here you'll need to add some more details about the transaction like:

  • The channel - i.e. the platform the creator provided the service on (Instagram, TikTok, Youtube)

  • Influencer's username - i.e. handle @modash

  • Recipient email address - i.e. provide the the correct email address to contact the creator you are transacting with

  • Commercials & Deliverables - i.e. the price for service, currency, and description

  • Upload contract - i.e. upload PDF contract outlining the terms of your agreement with the creator

After entering the details above you can 'confirm that the information is correct' by checking the box towards the bottom before selecting 'Save this transaction'

2. Transaction statuses (tracking your payments)

Now that your transaction is created, you can keep track by following the status bar in the transaction profile. If you navigate to 'Transactions' and select a transaction (see below) you'll see the details view of that transaction.

All Transactions overview

Transaction details view

Once you've created the transaction you must send the 'transaction link' to your creator to complete the payment process.

Transactions have the following statuses:

  1. Transaction created - you've created a new transaction and uploaded your contract & details (see #1 your first transaction above)

  2. Invoice created - the creator has seen the transaction and uploaded their invoice

  3. In processing - Modash is reviewing the transaction and we will reach out if we need anything to complete the payment

  4. Payment is sent - Modash has confirmed the transaction and payment has been sent to the creator. Yay!

Please reach out to if you have any questions about payments!

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