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How to hide creators from Discovery
How to hide creators from Discovery

Want to avoid seeing creators that are not a match? Or are already saved to a List? Keep reading πŸ˜‰

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We know that it is annoying when you the same creators keep popping up and you have already saved them to a List or they just aren't a match. Thankfully, we got you covered!

Hiding saved creators

To hide creators that are already save to your List, scroll down to the search results and choose No, don't show me profiles saved to any list from the dropdown and we will hide them from Discovery.

At the moment, all creators in all Lists will be automatically hidden. You cannot choose a particular List to be hidden.

Hiding creators that are not a match

You can hide creators that you know you don't want to work with by clicking on Hide next to the Save button on the profile.

But don't worry, if you change your mind you can always go to Lists -> Hidden profiles and bring them back.

Keep in mind that when you are working within a team and you hide a creator, they will be hidden from everyone in the team.  
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