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Audience & likers credibility
Audience & likers credibility

Learn more about what is audience and likers credibility

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Essentially, audience credibility and fake follower percentage is the same metric. Audience credibility shows how many followers are authentic/credible or to put it the other way, not fake. The fake follower number shows you the exact opposite.

Likers credibility is essentially the same thing however likers include followers and non-followers. Audience credibility only includes the creator's followers.

Modash uses network graph analysis to determine the authenticity of followers/likes. We score billions of accounts to determine "normal" Instagram behavior. We then score this behavior against the "average" behavior of a user in that network. Accounts that do not score highly enough are flagged as fake. Some criteria that score includes are:

  • Missing profile image

  • Following : followers ratio

  • How long the account has existed

  • Number of posts

  • Missing bio vs following ratio.

If you want to learn more about fake followers, check this article out!

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