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Missing audience data in Profile Summaries and Full Reports
Missing audience data in Profile Summaries and Full Reports

Find out why some creators don't have audience data available for Instagram

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Audience data by followers not available in Profile Summary

Creators have the option to hide their followers on Instagram. In this case, the total number of followers is visible, but we can't see the detailed breakdown of their following. It is only visible to the creator.

Since Modash operates on public data, we cannot access the data of the followers and therefore are not able to show audience data by followers in Profile Summaries.

If you notice a creator where the followers are not hidden, but audience data is still missing, please contact Support.

Audience data by likes not available in Full Reports

Creators have the possibility to hide their likes count on Instagram on all posts or on individual posts. Instead of a number of likes you will see "Liked by @username and others."

As Modash is operating on public data, if a creator has hidden the likes on all their posts, we won't be able to show audience data by likes.

For smaller accounts with a small number of likes, we might not have enough data yet to fully analyse audience data by likes. In this case, once the creator gathers more likes we will add the data to Modash as well.

If you notice the audience data by likes missing for a creator who does not match the cases mentioned above, please contact Support.

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