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How do we analyze audience interests?
How do we analyze audience interests?
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Have you ever wondered how we analyze audience interests? Well, now it's time to learn πŸ˜‰

You've probably already seen that we have an Interests filter for the creator and their audience in Discovery. If you open up a creator's profile, you can also see different run-downs of their or their audience's interests.

As for the interest filter, these are pre-made categories for you. These are broader than our other 'niche' search filters. However, they are great to test out if you want to touch a specific subject or interest more broadly.

Now to the answer πŸ‘‡

We determine the interest of the audience by analyzing the captions, mentions, hashtags and location tags of posts.

More generally, based on the content the audience posts.

For example, if you post about going to restaurants and always tag the restaurant you're at + you cook a lot and use related hashtags like #comfortfood then we can assume that you're interested in Restaurants, Food & Grocery and categorise your interest based on this knowledge.

If this doesn't make sense or you have any questions, please press the blue button on your right and we'll answer all your questions happily 😊

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