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Find niche influencers

Ever had trouble finding a specific creator? You are in the right place.

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Finding creators for your brand in a certain niche with a relevant look and feel can sometimes be challenging.

We often get the question along the lines of “I’m selling to people in a particular niche. How do I find creators in that niche so I know they can highlight the product value?”

Here's our answer 👇

The key to a successful search is layering. So, every time you add a filter, do a search before adding more filters. This way you can learn and iterate on your search quickly.

For finding niche creators on Instagram, we recommend using either the hashtag, keywords, bio, or topics filters. For Youtube and TikTok, try the keywords or topics filter.

To get the most out of the bio filter in Modash, take a moment to think about the types of words that people actually use. You need to put yourself in the shoes of a real person on Instagram. It’s best to try a series of terms, phrases, or emojis and get a quick understanding of how people in your niche identify.

For example - mom or entrepreneur will only show influencers who have the given word or phrase in their bio.

Topics on the other hand work by taking the word or phrase you add and combining it with many other related terms. So, if you put in the word “farm”, it will also (though with lower priority) surface creators who use terms like farming, agriculture, barn, fields, cows, and more.

This is best when you want to “lean” in the direction of a topic without necessarily requiring the influencer to eat, sleep and breathe the topic (in the way bio search unveils).

Keywords and hashtags work as a one-to-one match. Just put in the relevant word or in terms of keyword, a phrase and we'll find everyone who has used that hashtag or mentioned it in their caption.

For example - #sourdough_guide or #fortnite will only show influencers who have used this hashtag under their posts

It's also a good idea to utilize the lookalikes feature. Especially if you have a creator in mind that represents a niche or just works well for your brand. Just add their username into the search bar and we'll show you creators who speak about similar topics. You can add additional filters on top to make sure they match your target influencer & audience.

Additional tips & tricks:

  • Review Instagram bios of good-fit influencers to learn how people speak in that niche.

  • Use Google and for finding relevant hashtags to search by.

  • Use Google and Wikipedia for finding specific subcategories of local topics.

PS! It’s best to use one of these filters at a time, combining them is not recommended.

Don’t forget to experiment. Modash is designed to give you control. To master its powers, you must experiment and find what works best for you.

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