You can now invite teammates to join your Modash account to share lists, monitoring campaigns, and more.

Team access is available for Performance, Advanced, and Enterprise plans. Accounts on the Performance plans have 5 seats. Accounts on Advanced plans have 10 seats. And, as Enterprise plans are tailored to your needs, these have as many seats as you need.

Adding team members

To invite your colleagues, go to Settings -> Team members and add their emails. The emails don't have to belong to the same domain but must be business emails.

If your plan does not include seats, feel free to upgrade your plan here or contact Support to help you pick the right plan for you.

Roles and limitations

A team can only have one Owner. Other accounts will have Member roles. If you would like to change the account owner, please contact support.

Only the owner of the account can upgrade/downgrade the plan, access billing/invoicing data, and invite/remove team members.

When you invite a teammate, who already has an active or trial account, they need to confirm the data will be erased from their previous account. If you'd like to merge the data from the previous and existing accounts, please contact support.

You can't invite a teammate who is already a part of another team with the same e-mail.

You can't downgrade to a smaller plan without removing team members from the current account.

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