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Granular search lets you narrow down the search result and make finding influencers who speak to your audience as efficient as humanly possible.

When to use it?

Are you looking to target specific/small countries or cities only? Just choose the audience threshold to find the best influencers first.

Want to target female audiences only? We've got you covered.

No Gen Z? Easy.

Best practices

  1. Don't go too hard on the thresholds. Even if you are targeting people only in a specific city/country or a specific gender, they will naturally have followers from other areas or genders. A 70% threshold is usually good enough to start with, you can always go higher on lower depending on the number of search results.

  2. Start with selecting only one option per filter to see how it impacts your search results.

  3. If you select multiple options from the dropdown, the results will match any of the options, not all of them.

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