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How often do you update your data?
How often do you update your data?
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Since we list every creator on earth with more than 1000 followers on Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok, having the latest data for every account can sometimes take a little bit of time.

We have 3 layers of data.

  1. Very basic data: followers, full name, username

  2. Basic data: full name, username, URL, picture, followers, engagements, engagement rate, verified, bio, recent posts, posts count

  3. Analyzed data: everything else, e.g. audience data, average likes, popular posts, etc.

Very basic data is updated as often as a profile is opened, but at least weekly. Basic Data is updated bi-weekly, and Analysed Data is updated on a monthly basis. Each profile is updated on its individual cycle.

If a profile has more interest through our platform or API then the very basic data is updated more often, usually on a weekly basis.

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