Modash has a cancel anytime policy on any of our premium plans. To look into how to downgrade or cancel your plan, check out the article here.

Whilst cancelling anytime is possible, refunds on plans are connected to the amount of usage you have gone through since the plan refreshed.

In this case, we do offer a pro-rata rate of refunding upon receiving a request for refund.

I forgot to downgrade and was charged

In cases such as these, we appreciate being contacted within 48 hours of the charge and should you have not used any of the plan, we can issue you a refund for the full amount or difference, depending on the chosen plan.

Please do select the correct plan through the Plans & Billing page before contacting us, to help show the issue on your account and guide us to the solving this quickly for you.

If there is any doubt, please either use the chat window to the bottom left of the screen or contact for support on this.

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