If you're new to Modash or are not familiar with our smartypants computer algorithm, you may be wondering why (for example) Instagram says your audience are coming from slightly different places to the Modash reports.

How do we get it and what do we do with it?

Our data is collected from pulling public content from social sites and then turning it into meaningful with the help of complicated technology (machine learning, for example). This helps us to determine if the account is real, their gender, age and other aspects.

However for accounts posting nothing but images of cats, dogs, geese, brick walls or anything without people, it may impact the accuracy of some data.

Why doesn’t the data match perfectly with my profile analytics?

There's a couple of different reasons for data discrepancies , some are more short term (due to refresh rates) and others you'll find regularly are different (due to system processes).

If a profile has recently had a big change in their followers, we might need some more time to update the data. We do our data-updating wizardry on a monthly cycle, so you're likely only a few days away from newly refreshed data.

Modash likes to get into the details as much as possible, which is why our location data may look a little different than alternative platforms. Some platforms have obscure rounding calculations and data is only updated annually, which can cause large gaps when comparing with the more detailed Modash reports.

Lastly, fake followers can not have their locations confirmed or verified and so this information and detail is something we take pride in removing from the reports. Our goal is to share true and reliable information about our profiles and their audience, and not to amplify the impact of fake followers.

Don't just take our word for it!

Here is an excerpt from one of our power users, Bolt, who is the one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe. Their Global Marketing Partnerships lead explains how they tested us.

"We tried to work with other databases but they don’t offer relevant enough influencers’ data to work with. We make data-driven decisions at Bolt and we need a real audience demographics breakdown to make the right decisions.We also tested Modash against other platforms, and Modash looks much more accurate when it comes to audience data. We don’t expect 100% accuracy on any given influencer’s data, but we do expect very high quality across all the influencers we work with.”

You can read the rest of the article here and of course we'd love to chat with you if you're still skeptical!

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