A favourite feature of Modash is the profile summary, you can finding by clicking a result in search.

Once you do so, you've unlocked a small treasure trove of data. But how can you use it to choose influencers quickly?

The ideal influencer reaches your target audience with 100% accuracy. 

Practically, that usually means they have followers who are: 

  • Real ( Above 75% audience credibility)
  • Highly Engaged (Above 2.5% engagement rate)
  • In your target location (Mostly in the country or city you are targeting)

Keep in mind that unless your market is heavily focused on young people, there is not such a difference between a 24 year old and a 25 year old, but they will fall under different age brackets in Modash. 

Gender can occasionally be an important metric, the gender breakdown will be useful in this case.

It is very rare that "interests" will be a critical metric in your influencer campaign. It can be a good indicator to choose influencers if you have many possible options, but should rarely be the first thing you check.

Sometimes, you will see a paid post performance metric. This shows the performance of sponsored posts on an influencers feed when they have disclosed the ad. 100% means that the influencer has equally engaging sponsored posts as non sponsored posts. 

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