Modash is great for companies ranging from a solo freelancer to a 10,000 employee multinational company and everything in between.

With that in mind, how do you choose which plan is best for you?

Starter Plan: 

Best for very small projects

The starter plan includes:

  • 200 Searches 
  • 40 Profile summaries
  • 20 full reports
  • 7 CSV profile exports

We recommend this plan for someone looking to review a small batch of influencers in order to secure up to 10 partnerships.

40 summaries should help you find 20+ potential candidates that suit your brand. This plan will allow you to easily download those 20 candidates full report in order to share with clients if needed or further review your favourite influencers.

Essentials Plan: 

Best for teams getting more regular influencer marketing projects on the go. 

The Essentials plan includes:

  • 1000 Searches
  • 200 Profile summaries
  • 50 Full reports
  • 50 CSV profile exports

This plan is best for companies that have already started with influencer marketing and plan to do more regular projects or ongoing campaigns and want to get a bit more serious about working with influencers.

On top of being able to verify many more influencers quickly and easily, this plan offers many more CSV profile exports. Because Exports contain contact details, this plan is perfect for starting to improve your outreach processes.

Performance Plan: 

Best for teams who are feeling the success of influencers. 

The Performance plan includes 

  • 5000 Searches
  • 500 Profile summaries
  • 100 Full reports
  • 300 CSV profile exports

This plan is best for teams sharing an account in multiple countries, agencies working with or verifying influencers, brands that are heavily focused on influencers or big organisations with global campaigns.  

This plan has been used to optimising and forecasting success with exports, automating outreach and getting super serious with influencer verification.


For companies that just can't get enough Modash. 

If you need more, we've got your back. Modash works with several of the top influencer platforms, numerous multinational agencies and more.

Some situations where we have given custom pricing:

  • The performance plan isn't big enough to fit your needs.
  • You need API access in order to move forward with your project.
  • Your company has unique influencer marketing needs. 

We're happy to help you understanding your needs, just contact us via the intercom chat bubble in the bottom right-hand side of your screen or send us an email

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