Metrics are what make Modash so fun to use. On search results, in the profile summary sidebar (when you click a result) and in full reports, you'll find metrics to help you make decisions.

Metrics are sorted into two main categories:

  • Audience related metrics that tell you details about the target audience
  • Influencer related metrics, that tell you about the influencer themselves.

Here are the definitions of our audience related metrics

Followers Credibility

The percentage of this influencer’s audience which is real. Less than 75% is often a sign of fraud.

Likers Credibility

Is this influencer purchasing likes? If an influencer has low likers credibility, they are trying to fake a high engagement rate.

Likes from non followers

The higher this number is, the more effective this influencer is at reaching outside of their existing audience and could be a sign of “viral” potential. 

Location by country

This indicates the countries the influencer’s audience is located in. 

Location by city

This indicates the cities the influencer’s audience is located in. 

Gender Split

What gender categories does the influencer reach? 

Age and gender split

A breakdown of the age and gender an influencer reaches.  

Brand Affinity

Brand affinity shows which brands the audience frequently talks and posts about. 


Which interest categories does the audience fall under.

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