Username and relevance act a bit more like a normal search engine and look for groups of topics or accounts. Similar to google search. 

Search influencer by Username

Input any instagram @username and learn more about their audiences. Modash will also show you influencers with similar audiences as well. 

If you input a username and don’t get a result, double check to make sure the username hasn't changed and there is no typos. It’s easy to forget small details in usernames. 

If you input a username and additional filters, Modash will show you the specific account as well as similar accounts that match your filters (if they exist).

Search influencer by Relevance

Search for topics influencers are related to. Broad, simple terms work best here. This filter takes some experimenting to get used to. 

Remember, not all topics are widely spoken about on instagram, which is why audience filters work better than relevance almost always. 

For example:

  • If you’re selling lamps, that does not mean you need to find “Lamp influencers”. You might need to work with people associated with interior design, architecture, art, etc. 
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