Metrics can be found all throughout Modash. On search results, in the profile summary sidebar (when you click a result) and in full reports. You can even extract these when you export lists.

Metrics are sorted into two main categories:

  • Influencer related metrics, that tell you about the influencer themselves.
  • Audience related metrics that tell you details about the target audience.

Let’s go over influencer metrics and define each of them.

Average likes

The average sum of likes on the last 30 posts.


How many total followers the influencer has on Instagram.

Engagement Rate

This is an indication of how engaged the influencer’s audience is. It is calculated as followers ÷ likes, comments etc. The average instagram engagement rate is 3%.

Paid post Performance

If this influencer has indicated sponsored posts, paid post performance shows how well that content performs compared to normal content on their account. 

Most Recent Posts

A preview of the most recent content the influencer has posted. 

Followers This Month

The number of followers the influencer has gained in the last 30 days. 


The number of people an influencer is following. 

Engagements for Recent Posts

A breakdown of engagements made on the influencer’s recent posts. Date’s on the X-axis mark the date a post was created.

Lookalikes (Similar topics)

These are accounts with similar topics. Topics are measured with keywords and determining the overall grouping of topics associated with an account. 

Likes This Month

How many likes the influencer received on their posts in the last 30 days. 

Brand Affinity

Which brands are the influencer talking and posting about.


Which interest categories does this influencer fall under. 

Popular # and @

These are the hashtags and other users that are frequently adding to their content.

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