To use these filters, click “discovery” in the left hand sidebar, from there you will see these easy to use filters. 

The filters are separated into two categories: 

  • Influencer filters that allow you to add characteristics about the influencer. 
  • And audience filters that allow you to filter details about the audience. 

Target Audience Filters

Audience filters are part of what makes Modash so special. This really allows you to get value out of influencer search engine.  

Using these filters, you just input the audience you wish to target and we will give you results based on those details.

From there, you can check the right hand sidebar to confirm you are happy with the result.


This filter will try to give you that have an audience in the selected location. 

For example: If you chose a city like New York City, Modash will consider all other filters and try to give you a result which has some meaningful portion of their audience in New York City. 

We determine location based on location tags and additional metadata. 


This filter will try to give you results that have an audience mostly in a certain age range. 

So if you choose 18-24 as your target age range, Modash will do it’s best to find you influencer’s who reach audiences in that age range. 

Quick Tip: Assume this filter is about as good as a human at guessing age. 

It can be hard for us to distinguish between a 24 year old and a 25 year old. 

So If your target audience is between 18-24 and an influencer has an audience which is 30% in that range, but an additional 50% in 25-34 age range, it could still be a great match.


This will help you choose influencers that reach a specific gender.


Interests are analyzed by Modash based on the content audiences interact with or post. 

Interests is a great way to find influencers in a specific content vertical. 

This filter is best used if you have selected other filters and see have too many results.


Language is especially useful in countries or cities where multiple languages are spoken. 

For example, Montreal, Canada. If you are targeting a city like Montreal, you might want to specifically reach French speaking audiences.

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